ETANDART Modern Handicraft

Etandart was created in 1992 by Mina Ben Miled, a Tunisian architect whose passion is handicraft design. She explores multiple traditional craftsmanship methods,which inspire her to produce authentic but modern artefacts. The techniques she uses are purely traditional, but the dimensions, patterns and colors are constantly updated and adapted to modern taste and needs, in order to be integrated in a contemporary universe.

The company offers complete collections of wool and cotton Mergoums (Tunisian flat woven rugs), wool throws, wool and natural fiber Kilims, rush floor mats and baskets, etc. All products are hand made in genuine materials and freely inspired from classical traditional models. Our main textile production of bedcovers, scarves and especially Foutas (hammam towels) are woven on antique semi-mechanical looms, unlike those currently available on the market, which are woven on industrial looms.

They come in multiple sizes, have very absorbent textures and are ideal for either the bathroom, the gym or the beach. The whole collection is produced in various regions of the country, from North to South, to promote and sustain the unique craftsmanship of each region. These handicraft traditions are part of the culture, soul and history of Tunisia. Creating new models and prospecting new markets , our aim is to preserve this heritage